How it Works

Why protect against power surges?

Domestic surge protection is not yet mandatory in the UK, but it will be soon. Every time a power surge occurs, and in some homes that’s daily, the tech and a lot more besides is at risk – that’s the AV IT, all the appliances, and all the devices that are plugged in to charge – phones, tablets and laptops etc. Aside from the serious risk of fire, those who work from home or any business could also lose valuable and irretrievable data. Even with the assurance of backup devices, the loss of critical information could cause huge inconvenience and come at a considerable cost.

What are power surges?

Power surges are short electricity bursts, the stronger they are, the more damage they cause to electrical equipment. There is also an ever-present threat of overvoltage and surges in the supply of electricity from the grid. The most extreme surges are caused by lightning, where even a nearby strike can cause surges to travel down the cables to any home or office.

How does it protect against surges?

The smart surge protection within the SmoothPower system protects the whole house by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. Any significant surge triggers an automatic status alert shown on the VDU of the unit, and sent to both the end-user and Eticom indicating the need to replace easily user-replaceable consumable components.

SmoothPower also filters out spikes and harmonics to give a smoother power supply to all appliances.

Once the equipment is protected, does it reduce energy usage?

In Europe, electrical equipment is designed to operate most efficiently at 220 to 230 volts and appliances’ efficiency ratings are based on them running on 220 volts. UK voltage fluctuates from the grid at between 230 and 247 volts. This higher voltage simply produces excess heat which wastes energy. This also reduces equipment’s life span by burning out sensitive componentry prematurely. SmoothPower supplies voltage at around 220 volts, thereby reducing energy usage and increasing the longevity of electrical equipment by up to 50%.

How much energy is being used?

SmoothPower displays real time information on energy and utility usage, enabling the customer to see exactly how much they’re spending. Real time data on energy and utility usage is both displayed on the unit and exported to the Eticom Cloud. The data can be sent to brokers or alternative suppliers enabling them to quote for the ‘best tariff’ based on an accurate usage profile. 

Is it future proof?

SmoothPower supports a full range of collection devices that can be deployed to collect data on gas, water and distributed heat in the same way as electricity. It is plug and play compatible with renewable energy sources, and other smart home devices.

Does it have a guarantee?

For complete peace of mind SmoothPower comes with a five-year on-site manufacturer’s warranty.

Full protection that pays for itself

A one-box solution best looked at as an insurance policy to proactively protect all electrical equipment in the premises from surges and spikes in electricity supply. Even if it is never used it will pay for itself by saving money on ongoing electricity consumption.